Website is working but content damaged


I have a problem with my website,
After installation of SSL certificate from cloudflare I have noticed that few pages are not working. I will describe the issue by using one link.

TG-Machines. Processing technology of animal by-products. (Possible to open the page, but content damaged) (Possible to open the page, but content damaged) (Possible to open the page, but content damaged)

TG-Machines. Processing technology of animal by-products. (whereas this link is working properly)

I do not know what to do. I have even used htaccess files to make redirection but without succces.
Maybe somebody help me with this issue?
Thank you.

You have quite a bit of mixed content.

Plus, you do have an Origin certificate on your server but only for the naked domain and not for “www”. What’s your current encryption mode?

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Let me guess.
You switched to Cloudflare because SSL and like @sandro mentioned, your site was not working with SSL before?

Here is what your website in the developer console reports:

Your site is loading through HTTPS but is calling HTTP links. The best way to solve that is:

  1. disable Cloudflare (:grey:)
  2. make your site work with HTTPS (without Cloudflare’s help)
  3. then activate Cloudflare again (:orange:)
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How could I turn off the cloudflare and check if the website is ok? What issue can be wrong with server?

You can pause Cloudflare on the Overview screen at the bottom right.

Once you pause Cloudflare you will get a certificate warning because of the Origin certificate, but you can ignore this for once.

But the issue really is the mixed content and that’s something you primarily need to fix on the server side, respectively check out the tips in the linked article.

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But again, what’s your encryption mode?

I am not IT guy, could you tell me how can I check encryption mode?

What’s selected here,

If you are not overly familiar with this stuff, it might be a good idea to hire someone.

full strict

That’s all right then.

Did you also follow that

Thank you for help.I need to hire somebody for this job :slight_smile:

Fiverr and Upwork are classic places for that. Though be careful, there are lots of charlatans :slight_smile:

Appears you have fixed it anyhow. Not on the server but via mentioned Cloudflare setting.

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No, still there is a problem with loading damaged content :slight_smile:

Seems to load here.

Anyhow, check out that article once more and make sure to fix anything mixed content related.

Step 5 in the Mixed Content link can also be achieved with a Transform Rule:


Thank you for help one more time :slight_smile:

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I do have same issue on my anti fog paintball mask website. Would you please help me out in solving this?

looks like you fixed that @user16232, was it mixed content?

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