Website is under severe DDOS attack

One of our website is under DDOS attack despite the fact that we have implemented your Business Plan on that website? the website is can somebody of you help us urgently?

You can enable “under attack mode” on the quick actions drop-down. Cloudflare has a webform for 24/7 DDoS help: Under Attack? We can provide 24/7 defense assistance.

We have already enable it but of no use till now

Did you fill out the webform? It’s possible that you need to rotate your IPs and filter requests not originating from Cloudflare.

From where i can fill out webform? can you give me the detail how to do it?

Thanks let me have a look at it

Can Cloudflare block our website?

Do we need to change the DNS to point to Cloudflare, is it necessary or not?

I suspect that this is your web host and not Cloudflare, but yes it is also possible that some action has been taken by Cloudflare if the DDoS is severe enough. I also think it’s possible (I don’t know I’m just guessing) that they are targeting your host’s IP directly effectively bypassing Cloudflare.

thank a lot for your help and guidance

Happy to help :slight_smile: You could add page rules to do more aggressive caching on Cloudflare so the origin has to do less work. For Example (adjust to your needs):

May God bless you Ameen !!

How is it going? Did you contact Cloudflare?

Pining @cs-cf to see if he has anything to add :slight_smile:

Do we need to change the DNS to point to Cloudflare, is it necessary or not?

For Cloudflare to work, Yes. Also make sure that the domain that you are trying to protect has an :orange: orange cloud (the traffic should now go through Cloudflare).

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