Website is Unable to connect when openning https

My website is working fine on but Unable to connect when open

Universal SSL Status Active Certificate

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites ON

That host is not proxied but points straight to your actual server.

Do you mean I should make like attached?
It is already made.

Or mean that I have a problem in hosting server?
it is my machine I have a real IP and done trough binding in IIS 10

You only have to proxy it if you want to use Cloudflare’s HTTPS certificate. It still is not proxied though. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings? Redact the IP addresses if necessary.

I was referring to the DNS settings on Cloudflare.

The host you mentioned is not specifically defined, but is handled via the asterisk wildcard you defined and which cannot be proxied. If you want that proxied you need to define that entry separately and make sure it is set to :orange:.

Yes, added and fixed now, many thanks.

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