Website is taking too long too respond on Indian ISP JIO network

My website which is using Cloudflare and others using Cloudflare is taking too long to respond to only JIO ISP in India, all other ISPs like Vodafone and airtel are working fine.

Is this issue related to Cloudflare IPs? may JIO be blocking them or something else?

Please look into this matter ASAP its happening from last 7-8 days, I thought it will fix automatically but it dosen’t.

All other website which are not in Cloudflare are working fine on JIO, may be its issue related to Cloudflare ips.


Can you reply to this tweet and also share it?

It will make JIO listen to us sooner otherwise they won’t care.

Can you post a traceroute to your website from JIO? And what you see when hitting your website on the /cdn-cgi/trace page?

cf-ray: 7c38ec5a7d71f317-BOM

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