Website is slow - what to do?

Hi everybody,

I just set up my website redirect with Cloudflare:

But the load time is very slow ( 5-8 seconds ) on desktop and mobile.

Here are the website settings:

  • I’ve compressed all images
  • Always use https turned on ( crypto setting )
  • Page rule for 301 redirect with forward url$2
  • I also have two CNAMES in the DNS settings: 1. is an alias of 2. www. is an alias of

What can I do to increase the loading speed?

Best Regards,

Have you tried the speed section to what optimizations would help?

As I see, you’re using Ruby on Rails. There’s one issue for Ruby on Rails which is slow when the server resources is not enough. Are you hosting it on a vps or dedicated server?

Yes have adjusted what could be adjusted

Hi Leonardo,

I don’t really know which hosting it is because I don’t know the concepts of VPS or dedicated server.

I contacted the company were I bought the domain name and they couldn’t answer me.

The domain name was bought on a separate site (with no server storage) in order to redirect that link to a teachable school that I have created. Does that make it a VPS?

Sounds like you’ve brought the website from a company but not writing it yourself, Ruby on rails is a web language which can build a web in a short period of time but since Ruby is not a fast language , it will be slow if the server is not powerful enough, you may need more resources to run it.

The solution will be this:
Contact your hosting provider for informations of the server and see is it shared hosting or what. If it’s a shared hosting, it might not be able to run the site fast enough, you might need to upgrade your server plan and see does it work faster, if not, find out that do you own the source code of your website or does it comes with your hosting provider, if you own it, try build up a vps server and host it there. If you doesn’t own the code… give up and use the slow site or build another one

Also, you can ping your website directly to see the response speed and you may also upload a file to do the speed test to find out the problem

One more thing about pinging the site, you have to ping your server IP directly as you’re using Cloudflare proxy , so the ping result should be based on ip

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