Website is showing Error 522- Please help

Hi there,
My website is currently showing Error 522. I have had issues with it for a few weeks. I have checked to see that the domain has the correct Nameservers setup i.e.

I have checked with my website hosting provider and they are suggesting that there are no issues at their end.

Can anyone please help me what are my next steps to get the website up and running.


522s are covered by Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out.

Check that out first before proceeding with further questions, as that should cover the issue as a whole. You most likely need to check with your host. And yes, that response you got from them is the standard response (use the search for more details) and barely ever correct.


And yes, your server does appear to be reachable, so the most likely reason here will be that your host is limiting/blocking connections from Cloudflare’s datacentre in some way. I am afraid that is something only your host can clarify and fix.

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