Website is showing 525 error

I am using Godaddy SSL in the website but it is serving SSL from the cloudlfare which causing 525 error. I have to change mode to Flexible to use website but this is not safe. This issue arise last week before website was working fine. In edge certificates it showing Cloudflare SSL. If we disable universal SSL Will that resolve error?
I want to resolve this error without changing mode to flexible.

That’s laudable, though a 525 indicates an SSL issue on your host’s side. You’ll most likely not have a certificate on your server.

What’s the domain?

But no, disabling Universal SSL won’t fix it as that refers to the proxy certificate, your issue is your server certificate. You might want to pause Cloudflare and check if your server is properly configured and fix that first before unpause Cloudflare.

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Domain already has SSL certificate as I mentioned in the thread SSL certificate is purchased from Godaddy. My domain is which is showing Cloudflare SSL which is causing the issue.

Currently it is loading fine. Which mode do you have selected right now?

Does your server IP address end in 127? Is that what’s configured? If so, you’d have the certificate in place and if you still get the error I’d recommend to open a support ticket.

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Currently Flexible mode is selected that’s why website is working.
and Yes, server IP end 127. We already created a support ticket and they suggested to add this in community.

Oh, good Lord :roll_eyes:.

Yeah, I am afraid the community can’t do anything here and that seems to be an issue in your Cloudflare account and only support can fix that. Send them greetings from Sandro and we can’t always do their job :wink:.

Just to confirm, you only have records pointing to that .127 address in your account and your account’s nameservers are austin and ines, right?

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Yes, IP is 127 and austin and ines are the nameservers values for cloudflare.

Question was whether “only” .127.

But anyhow, that’s a case for support then. They need to figure out why Cloudflare does not like the certificate. There’s a slight chance that your host might be blocking Cloudflare’s addresses and only your host could clarify that, but that’s still something Cloudflare needs to confirm.

Yes, he has flexable on. VERY INSECURE

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