Website is running slow only through CloudFlare

Hello cloudflare community, I noticed I’m having troubles on my website(s) lately,
Two different websites (domain + sub domain) on different hosts that are moving very slow and sometimes not even running, when I’m trying to use the site using direct IP it moves much faster.
Any recommenditions?

Site 2:

Have you tested site performance to isolate the issue?

You may want to ask your hosting provider if they see any performance issues. Next, check your Cloudflare settings to ensure that things like caching and speed optimizations are properly configured.

Lots of :search: good resources here for troubleshooting & improving performance.

The problem happens in both sites ( and, they are hosted on different hosts so the problem shouldn’t be the host itself…

I’m also having the same issue lately. Everything has been perfect until around the time you posted. One thing I noticed is that when I enable development mode, it runs perfect, like it used to. The issue is definitely not on my host.

We’re also seeing slow speeds since around those dates. We think it has something to do with QUIC (HTTP/3). I disabled it for my site and it was fast again. You can also temporarily disable QUIC in the Chrome Feature Flags, this also works.
I tried different pages with QUIC not on the Cloudflare network, those were not affected, so it seems like an issue with Cloudflare’s QUIC protocol implementation.

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