Website is redirecting from non-www to www page

My website’s home page (only) suddenly started redirecting from non-www to www page. Only the home page is redirecting to the www page and other page seems to be okay. I have tried to pause Cloudflare and when I pause it the redirect issue is fixed. Everything works fine. But when I reactive Cloudflare the issue comes again. I have checked all my DNS records but there was no redirect-related record. Please help!

Redirections are not done from the DNS. Instead check for redirect rules under Page Rules and Redirect Rules here…

Otherwise, if you can give the domain name for checking.

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I have checked the rules but there are no redirect-related rules are placed.

Here is my domain:

In this case, I doubt it’s coming from the server. You can also try a Trace:


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Thanks a lot. It helped me to fix this issue. After using the Trace, I came to know that there was a Bulk Redirect rule created by a recent app that I have authorized via Cloudflare. This was creating the redirecting issue. Thanks a lot again.


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