Website is offline (unknown error)

Hello there,

after connecting my domain to cloudflare, my website is offline. While the connecting process with the namesservers, i accepted all already existing DNS Settings. Now, nothing is working anymore :frowning:
Is something wrong with my dns settings maybe?
Can someone help?


I got the confirmation that the NS is active a few minutes ago. Does it maybe take some time for all servers to recognize the new NS?

Best Regards

It looks like it’s stuck in an HTTPS redirect loop. Please make sure you’re using Full (Strict) mode:


Changed it now to Full strict. Still not working. Maybe it needs some time?

You may have to give it a bit of time. It’s working for me:

If you run into any other issues, please share the specific error message you’re receiving.

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Now its working. Took some Minutes. Thank you for the very fast support!!! <3


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