Website is off and ask "Allow" to confirm I'm not a robot

My website is offline and every time you click on the url a window shows a message, Click on “Allow” to confirm that you are not a robot. can someone please help as the website has been off for a while.

What is the name of the site?

It is loading fine for me.

While not related to the symptoms you described in you original post, you have a serious problem that requires attention. You have more SPF records than the permitted maximum of one. You will need to merge them into one if you expect the contents of either to be usable.

As for your original symptoms, have you tried from an incognito browser session or another network, such as a mobile phone?

yes, we have done this. The problem is that the site’s IP in the Cloudflare settings changes automatically at times without us making any changes. we still don’t know why this happens.

You may want to review your audit logs.

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