Website is not working in some countries


Recently I’ve been experiencing some issues with my website hosted here in Cloudflare. My domain registrar is Google Domains and I’m using Cloudflare DNS.

The thing is some time ago I created a new account in Cloudflare but probably mistyped my email so I lost access to that account where I created all new records.

Then I created a new account where I did the process once again, following one of Cloudflare’s articles. Updated nameservers, etc… I’m also using a CNAME record to point my domain over to ClickFunnels (landing page builder)

Now… Personally, when I try to access my website I see everything with no issues. However, my colleagues who tried to do the same got the error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned.

I also checked the site status and the website is not accessible in some countries (not sure if it is due to the same error, however). When I used the VPN however everything worked.

So now I’m not sure whether there’s a problem or not.

If you just changed name servers, it can take up to 48 hours for the correct name server to propagate.

If you’re talking about ‘www’, maybe you can try changing that CNAME to point to the hostname instead.

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