Website is NOT using Cloudflare SSL

Hello, I have changed dnc of my website to cloudflare dns, but when I check it in the, it shows not using Cloudflare SSL.

How can I fix it.

What is your site?

The point is that, site is down in case if in FULL STRICT Mode.

In FULL mode it works.

Thanks for your attention

In that case it is likely that the SSL certificate on your origin server/host has expired. You should renew it and return to “Full (strict)” so that your users’ data is secured end-to-end.


Thanks for the reply. But IF I am going to use cloudflare SSL certificate, than why do I need to renew bluehost ssl certificate.

Thanks again.

When you are proxying through Cloudflare, your users connect to Cloudflare and that connection is secured by the edge SSL certificate on Cloudflare. Cloudflare then makes a separate connection to your origin server to pass on the request. If this leg of the connection is not encrypted and secured by a valid SSL certificate on the origin server, the connection is not secure end-to-end.

“Fronting” an insecure origin server with Cloudflare deceives your users into thinking their data is safe, when it is not. With LetsEncrypt (or Cloudflare origin) certificates being free these days, there’s no reason to do that.



The point is that at bluehost they say, that I have already certificate, but it does not show up as I am with cloudflare. So, I coud not do anything other than to return to bluehost.

thank you

Pause Cloudflare, fix your hosting certificate, then re-enable Cloudflare.

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