Website is not updating on mobile devices while using APO

This question is regarding . I’m struggling with a cache glitch with APO , the mobile screens not updating and showing almost 24 Hrs old data . I tried cleared the cache and deactivated cache plugin in the site also, but nothing helps me. After debugging I found that this issue happens by enabling the APO . After I disabled the APO , newest content is fetching. I tested this issue in a whole day and confirmed one. I’ve debugged all over the way like disabling Wordpress cache, Cloudflare cache etc… but nothing works.

I really appreciate your help.

Hello @kiranrs101 I’ve applied a potential fix for cache purge issues on mobile devices. Please try purging the cache and check if it will keep up to date. I hope your feedback will help us to address the issue to every APO user.

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Sure,I’ll monitor and respond you soon. :heart_eyes:

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Hi @yevgen , I tested after purging cache in both CF and Cloudflate plugin and tested whether the issue is fixed or not. After around three hours of testing , I think the issue has been fixed. Now I’ve live home screen on my mobile browser as well as in Google page speed result. So your fix is worked I think. :+1:

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Great to hear.

Hi @yevgen , The issue is still there while I’m checking right now, seems the fix was temporary.

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