Website is not Registered

Hi Everyone,

I bought a domain srisaradaengg[dot]in from BigRock today ! and I connected that to InfintyFree hosting but it’s showing website is not registered !

Do I need to wait or I need to set Cloudflare Nameservers before adding ?

Any Help is highly Appreciated !

You should know that error message, shouldn’t you? :wink:

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I guess I should wait a little bit to propagate but I’m confused why that’s happening !

Not really, that’s not a propagation issue. Your current nameservers simply do not respond.

Half of them do not respond at all and the other half does not feel responsible for your domain.

$ dig +short NS

Yea I thought that but I was already confused !

The Nameservers required are

So now what should I do to add that Cloudflare ?

There’s nothing on Cloudflare you need to do. You need to fix your nameservers. Talk to your host about that. Plus, set the correct nameservers in that case.

Also, your domain does not load on HTTPS. As you know you need to fix that as well.

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So I need to add the working nameservers then add it to Cloudflare right ?

I’ll fix that

Sure, but that’s the usual thing.

You currently have four nameservers set, two of which do not work at all and the other two do not feel responsible for your domain, even though they do resolve the A records at least.

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But I need to keep the two name servers for my web host to take control !

You can keep all nameservers, but they all need to respond properly, otherwise it won’t work on Cloudflare.

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Thanks @sandro, I contacted the host they said to wait for a while, Now the website is added to Cloudflare

Can you Confirm are u able to open ?

Thanks a lot Again !

Have you fixed the certificate?

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No, I forgot that, I’ll add immediately and keep you updated !

Don’t forget to fix the encryption mode on Cloudflare as well. That should be Full Strict.

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@sandro, I fixed the SSL now and changed the SSL Mode to Full(Strict) without Error 525 :wink:

In that case you are all set.

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