Website is not redirecting to HTTPS

My domain is not redirecting to Https:// i have enabled always use https and automatic https rewrites and my dns are also proxied my website:

I got redirected, but then got a 526 error.

i changed from full strict to full still getting error? and why i am not redirecting maybe my dns?

Now it’s working for me. If you’ve just added your domain, it can take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate.

ok thanks and how can i upload a valid certificate on my origin server then i can enable full strict mode?!

Here are some instructions:

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ok thanks

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1 more thing when i try to upload my origin server certificate to my domain it says : The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name (CloudFlare Origin Certificate was seen) and i have to upload my certificate to all subdomains too or only for main domain and enable full strict ssl?

The certificate should be for and *

As far as where to upload it, that depends on your host’s setup, but you only need it for the domain that Cloudflare is connecting to.

so i should upload it on main domain ? not for subdomains yes certificate is for and * and i have to delete from cloudflare origin server then upload?

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