Website is not propagating

I’m lost here guys, I need help propagating my domain with Clickfunnels through Cloudflare. I’ve set up my CNAME records, page rules and such. It’s been about a day or two and my domain isn’t propagated still. I’ve been trying to resolve this for a couple of days now. Any solutions? Help is appreciated. Thank you for your time. :confused: Let me know if there is anything I should provide to give a clearer explanation.

By the way, I’m trying to set up an existing domain through Clickfunnels but I’m using Cloudflare secure it.


Your Cloudflare configuration looks all right. Your issue appears to be on your host’s side. You need to contact them.

Thanks for your input Sandro. For host, are you referring to the registrar where I bought my Domain - in this case, would I need to contact Google for assistance or would it be Clickfunnels?

The latter. Google only handles the registration of the domain itself, the issue at hand is something web related and needs to be addressed on your server where the site is hosted.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand. I’ve purchased my domain at Google, used Cloudflare for nameservers and CNAME records and currently trying to link together my Clickfunnels for my custom domain to my root domain at Google - artista royce. I don’t think my website is being hosted anywhere. I’ve done a WHO-IS search for my domain and it said my registrar URL is Google - so I would be needing to contact Google support? Who would you advise I contact in this case?