Website is not pointing to the correct ip address for some countries


I recently shifted website to Cloudflare, however the website is not pointing to the correct ip address in UAE. when i check using other third party tools, it is pinging to the correct ip

How can i resolve this issue ?

Thank you

What is the correct IP address? What IP address do you see?

I’ve just tried looking up DNS records for in two UAE servers and I see Cloudflare IP addresses in both.


When I check in third party tools online, it shows the correct ip which is Cloudflare

However when i ping from my system in UAE it shows a different ip

Cloudflare should be the correct address that it pings to

You could probably check from this link ‘’‘‘perfops(dot)net/ping-from-dubai’’‘’’

This is what I see using that site

This shows a different IP ( which is a Cloudflare IP (thanks to for that site!)

The IP in your screenshot is apparently an Indian address assigned to Hostgator. DNS Checker shows other IP address for What possibly relationship these have to the Cloudflare network I don’t know enough to speculate.

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This issue is sorted now, it was due to the delay in ISP servers updating the DNS in this region.

Thank you

Have you checked your DNS settings in Cloudflare to ensure that they’re correctly configured for the affected countries? That could be the potential source of the issue.

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