Website is not opening in some countries

My Website is notnaccessible in different countries. I use Microsoft Clarity for tracking my website activity, And I see my website jeepshuntersdotcom is not opening in different countries. And I did not live my website other than Cloudflare because my hosting doesn’t provide any nameservers.
If any expert knows what the issue is, kindly let me know.

Your domain is currently not using Cloudflare.

How to do this?

You appear to use a partner setup where only your www record is on Cloudflare, but redirects to your naked domain.

You can check out for details, but if you use a proper setup you should first turn off that partner setup.

But your site actually loads fine.

Again, though, Cloudflare is not involved here. If you believe your site is not loading fine, you need to discuss this with your host.

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