Website is not loading even after a week

I have shift my website to Cloudflare my hosting on godaddy. But after changing the nameservers. Now my website is not loading. Anyone help me with it?

Can you share tthe domain name, error message or error screenshot?

The advice needed will vary greatly depending on what the speciffic error is.

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I showing the white screen not showing any error.
My domain name is:

When I vist that domain in my browser I get a “too many redirects” error.

For that, you can check the following resources:

If this is not what you are seeing, please do try to share a screenshot.

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Yeah the same error i’m getting. Can you please let me know how i can fix it.

Check out the links above, specifically the first one has a description of “Encryption mode misconfigurations” which is the most common cause, and can typically be solved by setting the SSL/TLS mode to “Full (Strict)”, the second article explains why you should choose this option.

You can change it on

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I’m getting this error now.

You need to install a valid certificate on your origin server. You can use a publicly trusted certificate, such as the ones issued by Let’s Encrypt and other public Certificate Authorities. You can also use a private Cloudflare Origin CA certificate instead. It is only trusted by the Cloudflare proxy, but can be an excellent choice in many situations.

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Thank you soo much my issue is resolve now.


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