Website is not loading after I updated my nameservers

Hi, I updated my nameservers in GoDaddy and added my DNS records to Cloudflare, but digitalproductreviewsdot dot com is not loading

Your name servers have propogated. Did you add your GoDaddy assigned DNS records to point to your hosting?

Hi, yes I did, I am using the same DNS records and settings as my other sites in my account that are working correctly.

Can you provide a screenshot of the relevant DNS records?


It may be your SSL; are you using Universal SSL? Try disabling it and re-enabling it. The error I’m also seeing is too many redirects. I’d double check all your settings for this site in relation to your other GoDaddy sites that are working.

Hi, where do I disable SSL?

Select the domain in your CF dashboard, go to SSL/TLS>Edge Certificates and you’ll see it there. Maybe wait a few minutes for re-enabling it. If that doesn’t help, you could also try temporarily disabling the CF proxy (grey cloud) and see if your site loads when bypassing CF.

Hi, the site only works when I pause Cloudflare

Yep, I see that. I see you have a self-signed cert on the server. Under SSL/TLS, are you using Full mode? Are you doing anything differently than with your other GoDaddy hosted sites running through CF? This is most likely a simple error you’ve missed somewhere in your configuration for this specific site.

Looks like it’s working now; you have a Let’s Encrypt cert that’s working. Was the “Full” mode the issue? You may need to clear your browser cache or open a private browser window.

Hi, yes I changed my SSL to Full, thanks

Full is not secure, you should use Full Strict.

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@sandro is correct, best practice is Full Strict. Two resources to set it up (includes GoDaddy instructions):

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