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My website stoped working for like 3 weeks now, have reach out to the platform I use which is Shopify and have done almost everything. Eventually I was told that the issue is from cloudflare that I should reach out. When I load the website it is writing “The website can’t be reach”


Is this what you expect to see on that website?

Yes but the website is not loading at all

Your website runs through Shopify, so for assistance regarding your website, you only have the option to go through Shopify.

It’s the second time I tried, within ~ 1.5 hour / 90 minutes, …and it still works for me.

That points more towards it’s a local problem on your end, e.g. on your device, network, or similar.

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I was told that it is because Lagos state in Nigeria is re-routed that’s why the store is not loading and some of my friends store are working perfectly. Have almost done everything Shopify told me to do

That is not actually true.

Cloudflare sends the same IP addresses out multiple locations at the same time.

Even if you were normally routed to Lagos, Nigeria, then at the times where that PoP is being re-routed, it just means that the traffic to your website will take an alternative path, and reach another Cloudflare PoP.

Currently, that could for example (based on a map) be Dakar, Senegal or Luanda, Angola, - however, where exactly would depend on your ISP and where they connect to Cloudflare (and likely other networks).

Several ISP’s are also backhauling traffic to other continents, for economical reasons, - the closest network path isn’t always the same as the closest geographical path.


How about trying the things you haven’t yet tried?

That said, -

Your direct connection/relationship is with Shopify, and not with Cloudflare, so there is nothing Cloudflare can do directly with you.

If you have a problem with your Shopify website, the only thing you can do is to contact Shopify, not Cloudflare.


Okay thank you

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