Website is not being cached connecting cloudflare with siteground

Hi, i am using siteground as my hosting server and i turned on siteground server cache.
i connected my website to cloudflare through server cpanel (as siteground is cloudflare’s partner).
on cloudflare analytics dashboard, i hardly see any cached files.
it’s been 4 days now since i connected cloudflare.
any clue why is it happening?
my domain is

It takes a while to build up Cloudflare’s cache. Sites with low traffic, or visitors connecting through different data centers don’t get much cached data.

I looked at your site and the static files are being cached after my first visit. If nobody else visits from my region soon, those cached files will be evicted from the cache pretty quickly.

i got an answer from siteground that the web site should be configured with www.
i will wait to see if that was the reason.

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