Website is not appearing normally (images missing)

My new website are not appearing normally. Images are missing.
Server support (Bluehost) advised that A record is not pointing to the designated IP address after testing. However the DNS record on Cloudfare dashboard indicates correct IP address.

Appreciated for any solution advice…thanks!!


Also, do you have images allowed in your browser?

If not, images can’t show, and it maybe the cause of this problem!


Your problem is similar to this. That will solve. Check it out:

Also, verify the DNS is configured correctly.

Thanks @neiljay ! That post certainly looked relevant. I’ve purged everything in Cloudfare and also cleared the cache in my browser. However the issue persists. Not sure what’s going on? Bluehost side indicated A record is not pointing to the designed IP address. When I looked up in Cloudfare, it looks correct and proxed. Quite confused with the situation here.

@moonypeach Thanks for the update. Is the problem with the loading images only? If yes, then there’s no issue of DNS record. The misconfiguration of DNS would not allow you to load the website.

Did you try clearing the system cache files as well? Try once again this process and reboot the system. Next, try accessing the website using the incognito mode.
If that doesn’t work, try using other devices as well using the incognito

If that works, great!
If not, the problem would be in pointing the images; the location. The location could be something else. Check them using the local hosting.

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