Website is not accessible from the philippines but anywhere else it is

The website is not accessible from the Philippines but is accessible from e.g. Netherlands, Germany, US and Canada. Anybody has an idea what is going on and how I could resolve this? It happened out of the blue yesterday, I thought it would be temporarily but this is the second day now.

We have now multiple people from the Philippines using an internet service provider called PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.), which seems to be the biggest in Philippines. Other providers from Philippines e.g. Globe Telecom Inc. seems to be working.

Two members of our support team use this provider and can not access but can access any other website on the same server, e.g.

One of the members of our support team is a bit tech savvy and with her I changed her DNS setting on Windows 10 to use Google DNS setting for IPV4 as well as IPV6 internet access.

We have flushed the DNS on her computer.

She additional restarted her modem, WiFi and her computer as well, including clearing browser cache.

Additional to trying to access the domain with the computer she tried to access the website using her mobile phone using the data plan, unfortunately this did not work either. Note: she is using PLDT as a mobile phone provider as well.

I have white listed her IP address inside of LiquidWeb interface as well as the webserver, allowlisted Philippines on cloudflare - at this moment Cloudflare security check is disabled for Philippines as well. Though if Cloudflare was an issue it would show a Cloudflare branded error page, not the standard browser one of which I have attached a screenshot as well.

When the support agent uses TunnelBear VPN she can access the website, when I use TunnelBear and select a VPN server in Philippines it also works for me (being in Slovenia).

I have added a traceroute from our support member to the domain name, for both as

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the Philippines, I live in Slovenia and the website works as expected.

Here is a trace of I am a new user and can not attach more images to one post.

For me it is strange that the error page is not a cloudflare error page but a standard error page.

I have the same problem, several of my visitors from the Philippines reported to me they couldn’t reach my website, I did a test disabling Cloudflare with “developer mode” and they finally were able to load the website.

Did you find a solution to this?

bumping this up. experience this for 2 days now. any fix?

Also experiencing this, was anyone able to solve the issue?