Website is not a registered domain

Domain DNS is setup on GoDaddy. Propagation is done.


  1. I can’t add my website on Cloudflare

  2. DNS records is not propagating. Its already 72 hrs but still nothing happened on the propagation.

Please HELP me how can I fix this DNS issues.

need your website link to proceed

Thanks for the quick response. Sorry its

Your Welcome

Here are some ways you can fix this

Quick Fix Ideas

  1. The domain does not return valid name servers. In order to add a domain to Cloudflare, the domain must first be delegated to valid nameservers. Either park the domain using the registrars default nameservers or delegate to a third party DNS provider temporarily. Either action will allow you to add the domain.
  2. Use the following website to test if there are any nameservers resolving for your zone. If you enter your domain name and click on the button, this should show you the nameservers for your domain: Dig web interface .
  3. The domain is not registered. Run a whois command to verify if the domain is valid, $ whois .

If This Does not work you can revert back here .

Hey ,

Follow @sandro advice

Your domain has been suspended by the registrar.

You need to contact your registrar.

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Thank you so much. I already contact GoDaddy regarding on this. And ask them the status of my domain especially [ ]. I will wait another 24hrs so that the domain will be propagate.

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