Website is Mirrored! Help!


We don’t exactly know how they did it, since we didn’t notice anything strange in our server files. So, it probably wasn’t hacked. But our website is still being mirrored somehow, whenever we update something on our site it is reflected on a mirror site. Both sites are on cloudflare, so maybe you can help.

We did a curl on a mirror site via our server IP sudo curl -k --resolve

and all href links somehow were directed to our domain, but when you visit website - it is mirrordomain. com everywhere.

We contacted our VPS hosting and this is what they replied:

On checking we noticed that domain “mirrordomain. com” points to cloudflare nameservers. Please refer to the below snippet.

mirrordomain. com. 172800 IN NS chris.ns.cloudflare. com.
mirrordomain. com. 172800 IN NS jule.ns.cloudflare. com.
mirrordomain. com. 300 IN A
mirrordomain. com. 300 IN A

Please be noted we infer that you might have CDN type account for this domain “mirrordomain. com” which results in reported issue. We recommend you to contact cloudflare regarding this inorder to resolve this issue.

We haven’t changed any DNS or server settings on our side over the past few years. This is likely a Cloudflare issue and if it is not fixed soon we will try to move on to alternatives (and see if the issue is fixed).

P.S. we have been waiting for a “human” response to the ticket for the last 4 days. All we got after 4 days of waiting was a reply to create a topic in the cloudflare community … very nice support, but nevermind. Also, for security reasons, we do not want to publish our domain here (public).

Are you saying that your server responds to requests for that other domain? And it returns your content? That’s a badly misconfigured server.


If this is a server side issue, can you tell us what should we check first? What could be the problem?