Website is loading super slow today (17.12.2021 Singapore time) from 8pm till now

Any reason why of the slowness? I’d bypass using cloudflare and the website loading speed back to normal. Any issue or rootcause that has been causing this?

My website is

Please do expedite in the help, as we have been experiencing this almost once every week and it usually happen on Friday/Saturday.

Your site is insecure

You should check the SSL/TLS setting! If it’s anything but Full (Strict) then your site is insecure!

To learn more on checking SSL/TLS setting, see the link below (which links to a published google drive file)

Are Friday/Saturday your high-traffic times? It wouldn’t surprise me if your host was rate-limiting requests through Cloudflare IP addresses because they don’t realize all that traffic is proxied through just a few IP addresses.

I attempted many reloads of the front page and eventually got a 522 which strengthens my suspicion that your host is slowing down Cloudflare requests:

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