Website is loading as (not secure )

Hi, I just moved my domain from Google Domain to Cloudflare but it is loading as (not secure ) in Flare (invalid certificate), it was loading fine on Google

On flare :
Universal SSL is enabled
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites is ON

Any thoughts?

Cloudflare is telling you that the SSL certificate on your origin has a problem. It has either expired, is self-signed or not signed by a recognised CA, or the name does not match.

If you can give the origin address, we can check.

The certificate on Cloudflare is working correctly.

Thanks, @sjr I’ve replaced the Origin Server certificate with the universal one, and reset the connection by removing and re-adding the A record and a CNAME However, I’m encountering a 404 error now. should I give it more time?

A 404 can only come from your origin server, not Cloudflare, you will need to check there.

Your site is currently not proxied by Cloudflare anyway so I can see the certificate on your origin is working.

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