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My website is redirected to 3rd party website since 29th August, All the requests are currently redirected to 3rd party page , This started after the cloud flare status update , it looks like cloud flare issue is now fixed and operation back to normal but I still cannot visit my web site

Some one hacked my wordpress site during cloud flare down time and injected redirection code causing this nasty redirect

I am redirected to following page

Can some advice how to cancel redirect ( last time I checked 4000 .//httpacces files are corrupted


Does your server IP address end in 89?


yes {redacted}.89

In that case you not only have an issue with your site as that redirect comes straight from your server, but the site itself is also insecure as you do not have a valid certificate.

You should

  1. Clean up your site and remove that redirect (StackExchange might help here)
  2. Install a valid certificate
  3. Switch to “Full strict” on Cloudflare so that the connection is actually secure

thanks . I will contact stackexchange for clean up

by the way shared certificate is already installed , is that not good enough ??


Edge Certificates

Manage and purchase SSL certificates that will be served to your web visitors.

Your plan includes a shared Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate. To get a dedicated certificate with custom hostnames

place a certificate order."

Edge certificates keep the proxies secure, not your site. You first need a certificate on your website itself.

Sandro, Thanks for your great advice

finally can you recommend any companies do clean up : ) I am not looking for expensive option

I believe people advertise on Upwork for that. There’s also Wordfence which does something of that sort too, but that’s really best for a Wordpress forum.

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