Website is going down after activation of cloudflare

My Website is going down after activate cloudflare. My domain is on bluehost. I contact with bluehost support and support person said that i need to be wait because propagation process is ongoing. Now, Its more then 36 hours and website still going down.

I check records on this link, A records are successfully pointing to cloudflare. But CNAME not.

Secondly, SSL is activate on both side bluehost and cloudflare as well but showing that “your website is not secure”. SSL lock is not active and green.

Please help me in this regard. My website is going down more then 2 days now.

In the Overview section for your domain, does it look like it’s Active at Cloudflare? That page would make it clear if the domain isn’t active yet.

Same happens to me. It was ok my under construction plug in wp, until i got the SSL certificate from CF, and now i can not see my web anymore.

I pointed my DNS to CF, and then my website dissapear.

I attached a screencapture of this message, maybe here is the problem