Website is down


I activated cloudflare 10 days ago on my domain
but i faced error that many of my users couldnt open the website at all
and they face no error.
I already made cloudflare ips to whitelist in my dedicated server.
and problem not solved.
if those users use VPN or proxy, then can open my website without problem

finally i have paused cloudflare from panel and problem solved completly.
now whenever i resume cloudflare i face error again.

please help what is the problem


@parsgsm sorry to hear you and your visitors are experiencing some difficulties accessing your website. For these types of issues I would recommend filing a support ticket, which you can do, just login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. However, myself or others may be able to help you via the Community if you can share the specific error(s) you and your users are experiencing; screenshot, error code, and/or HAR file (make sure you submit this along side your ticket as well).


If VPN solves the problem then your users are behind a firewall which is not friendly to Cloudflare edge servers serving your clients. In your browser, dev tools, go over NETWORK tab and check from which URLs contents cannot be served to you. Meanwhile try disabling any CF application and check if that helps.


I have disabled csf applications and firewalls
But problem remains
Finally i did a test on another test domain on my server
I put it on cloudflare And waiting to see if it works ok for all or not

With best regards!
Fars-GSM Online


I have no problem on my other domain

But www.fars-gsm.com
I have problem puting on cloudflare
After some time this domain will not be accessible

Both domains are on same server with same firewall settings

With best regards!
Fars-GSM Online


Both domains load OK for me. Without additional information it would be hard to troubleshoot - please see my earlier post and 1) share the information requested here, 2) open a support ticket so the support team can help you directly as well.

Once you share the information I am sure we can help narrow it down for you and/or resolve it.


Ok but as i told before I did paused cloudflare for www.fars-gsm.com
Thats why now domain load ok with all

With best regards!
Fars-GSM Online


here is har files google drive link