Website is down with Error 1001 Cloudflare is Registrar

I moved well over 50 domains to cloudflare and paid for the pro plan for one domain. I then tried integrating it with my hosting provider with an API token. My website now says Error 1001 and Cloudflare canceled my pro plan immediately and won’t offer any support. My first call was to my attorney, my second is to try to get my website back up as this has already cost me well into the thousands this afternoon.

Error 1001 indicates that the DNS record you created for your domain is incorrect. If you shared your domain and the DNS record you created, we might be able to help you.

If your hosting provider offers some sort of automatic Cloudflare integration and it didn’t work, you should ask your hosting provider for support.

Cloudflare is a self service platform. If you want support in setting up your website on Cloudflare, that sounds like hiring a consultant that is familiar with Cloudflare would be a good idea, especially so considering how much money you are losing.


Can you share the name of that domain?

I don’t see any recent tickets for the account you are using here but customers on every plan type can open account, billing and registrar tickets.

Is that moved to cloudflare registrar or they are using cloudflare services for dns and cdn?

My hosting provider will help but they need a login, now cloudflare canceled my plan and also removed my domain editing copabilities and it say’s it’s no longer on cloudflare.

I can see my domain in websites and domains, but I can’t manage it when I click on it.

I’m using cloudflare as my registrar and scalahosting as my host.

:point_up: That will help a lot.

You should open an Account ticket and share your ticket number here.

You can open an Account ticket here,


I’m sorry for being a bit crazy this afternoon, this is causing chestpain and major stress. I had a major meeting with a client and email and website is now down… I think I just submitted a ticket at #3104194

I have setup many domains on cloudflare, I have never had something like this happen before. I upgraded to the pro plan, tried integrating with scalahosting by creating an api per instructions, and website went down and now I can’t manage my domain and it’s asking me to add my nameservers but there is no way to as cloudflare is the registrar.

I flagged your ticket and post here for my colleagues in Support.

Was that just today you tried that? And, did you make that API call or did someone on your behalf? I show the site as deleted via API on 2024-01-17. You can see the audit log here,


I did not delete the website, why would I do that? How can I fix that???

I see the same IP that was used to delete the site from your account via API was the same IP that was used to add it back moments later.

I’d guess the API call was not performing the correct action if the intent was not to delete the site.

The Support team for Cloudflare Registrar will need to assist you.

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I deleted the API code, not the website. I never deleted the website.

How can I fix this to get my website backup?

I believe support is working on this. I’m a bit frustrated and not sure why this occurred. This was a devastating blow to our small business today and not sure who to blame as the IP goes to the host but they are very good and are checking into the configuration so I don’t blame them. Ultimately, I just want to fixed and was a bit frantic today as it came at the worst possible time.

I see Support was able to help and it looks like your site is up & running.

You should change your password to ensure you are the only person that can make changes.

Thank you for your help, things are good again… It was a misconfiguration on the server but the host is checking why, whether it was something I did or just a misconfiguration, either way, one of the most stressful days I’ve had… Glad it’s over now.

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