Website is down since I setup DNS through cloudfare :

Please see that the Cloudflare nameserver are propagated. Can you please check if my nameservers are configured correctly? if yes please tell me why my website is not running? Please help

Your nameservers and DNS is fine. Your origin web server though, is not. The ā€œService Unavailableā€ / 503 response you get is returned by your origin web server.

An ā€œError 503: Service Unavailableā€ with no Cloudflare in the message means you need to contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Some of my requests got 503 Service unavailable, and some got 524 Timeout, something is wrong with your origin web server, possibly overloaded. If you were using shared/managed hosting, I would reach out to them for more help.

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Hi Chaika, Hope you are doing fine,

Thatā€™s why I wanted to attach my domain through Cloudflare. Is it possible to use this when the original server gives service unavailable errors.My site is down from 3 days since I added Cloudflare dns nameservers. Please can you help me solve this issue.


What of the 503 #CommunityTip quickfix ideas have you tried?

As @Chaika commented,

Pause Cloudflare and see if the error goes away or persists. And, see if you can find the 503 error in your origin server logs.

site is working after pausing the cloudfare

I see cf is still paused, on desktop I get a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS and it loads on mobile.

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