Website is down showing 522 error other sites on same server are up

We changed to a new ip address this morning as migrating site, it wasn’t working so swapped back to old ip address, now the site is showing as down despite other sites on the same server being up - can anyone help please?

Site name is

First of all, make sure you follow the advice on the community tip:

Which things have you checked? When you say the new IP wasn’t working, what error did you see?

Hi Simon
Our web developer has tried all of that with no success, website has been down over an hour so stress levels are high.

We were trying to swap to a new server, but reverted back to the older server as the database hadn’t copied over, so we reinstalled the previous IP address and now nothing is working,

If you can ask your web developer to run the following from a public internet connection (assuming the origin server isn’t firewalled):

nc -zv 80
nc -zv 443
curl --connect-to ::
curl --connect-to :: --insecure --verbose

Replace and with your website hostname and origin server IP respectively. If you see errors from the cURL commands, that means your origin server isn’t actually working - you need to work with your hosting proivder to fix that.

If it works, you need to check with your host that the Cloudflare IPs aren’t restricted - either by a firewall or a rate limit, as per the 522 community tip I referenced.

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