Website is down - is it a Cloudflare DNS issue?

I learned my website (College Tax Refunds) is down this morning when an email from Google Business told me they were updating my profile to remove my website link.

I have no idea why the website is down. My domain name is registered with Google Domains. The DNS servers point to Cloudflare the same as they have for the past 6 years or more. I have evidence the site was up 4 days ago (and was working for the previous 8 years without an episode like this).

I’ve tried using Cloudflare’s Diagnostic Center, and it simply freezes up. I’m not sure where to begin gathering information as to why my website is down. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

I’m not sure how to share a link to my website on this thread. It’s just “https” with the colon backslashes, followed by “College Tax Refunds” and then a normal “.com”. I can’t copy and paste the DNS entries here, either.

Your server appears to be down. You need to discuss this with your host, Cloudflare only handles DNS for you.

Thank you for your response. I’m trying to get in touch with my host, (Digital Ocean). How can you tell whether it’s the host vs the DNS routing?

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There’s no such thing as DNS routing. Your site resolves fine

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

It simply does not load -

Thank you.

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Quick follow up, though, so that I can understand Cloudflare better. The reason I suspected a Cloudflare issue originally is because 1) when I’m logged into my Cloudflare dashboard looking at my website statistics, it says zero unique visitors or requests in the past 24 hours. If Cloudflare is working normally, and all requests are being resolved correctly, shouldn’t Cloudflare be reporting the requests that you and I have triggered in the past 20 minutes? 2) Cloudflare’s diagnostics tool just freezes up when I input my URL. Is that tool incapable of diagnosing a server that is down? why doesn’t it indicate (like the other sites you have referred me to) that the site resolves fine but the server is down?

Thanks for helping me understand the limitations of Cloudflare.

You currently have your records unproxied, in that case Cloudflare will only provide DNS and will not show any requests. You’d need to proxy your records first, but you really best do this only once your site loads fine on HTTPS, otherwise thing will be harder to fix.

Focus on getting your site up for now, once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can check out Cloudflare details.

your server is “up” in that it respond to pings, and ports 80 and 443 appear to be open, but if you connect to those ports there’s no further response from the server

curl to port 80 eventually times out “Empty reply from server” while port 443 eventually gives an SSL timeout

your web server process could be hung & in need of restart

I see port 22 on the server is open as well – do you have SSH access? Do you know what web server you’re running?

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