Website is down after installing CloudFlare SSL

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I need some help on my website. Few minutes ago i have installed Cloudflare SSL and have chosen the free plan. Also, have installed installed the Cloudflare Flexible SSL as people recommended me.

Now the website has https:// with lock pad. However, Site is down, which is not a good sign. Not just that i created this website on WordPress, now, i am not able to access the admin panel.
You can look at my website if you would like to :
Link for admin panel:

Error: " Future home of something quite cool.

If you’re the site owner , [log in] to launch this site

If you are a visitor , check back soon."

Now, i am really worried about this error message as it is the first time i am getting this error message.

Please help me on this ASAP.

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Kamal Kishore

I spoke to GoDaddy about this error message. They said it’s not from their end. What i should do now?

Have GoDaddy install an SSL certificate on your website.

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I already have asked about that. Their answer is “We do not support third party products”.

What third party products are they talking about? All SSL certs are thirty party products, as GoDaddy is not a Certificate Authority.

I’m currently having the same issue with my website except that everything was running smoothly for two years up until today. Website is hosted with Godaddy but DNS pointed to Cloudflare so I’m getting the same error message as OP " Future home of something quite cool.… Godaddy support told me the same thing pretty much, to check with Cloudflare. Not sure where to look at honestly.

Was your site up and running with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

no just the standard http.

Like I said my website has been using Cloudflare for close to two years without any issues until today

If you want SSL, then don’t use hosting that doesn’t include SSL. It’s freely available. Siteground and Bluehost offer it for free. Why doesn’t GoDaddy?

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That’s not really helping buddy

Then you’re certainly welcome to check back with GoDaddy and find out why your site no longer works. Send them a screenshot of your DNS records page here so they can verify you’re pointing to the correct IP address.

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