Website is down after Host IP change


My origin host is Bluehost, ive just migrated to their cloud based server and ive been told to create a new A record in Cloudflare to point to the new IP address which i think have done but my website is still down… please help!!


Both of the IP addresses you are pointing to with A records are bad. The one that was on your account before today appears to be suspended, and the newest one is getting an internal server error.

You will probably want to review your instructions from your host and try again. If that doesn’t work you should reach out to our support team so they can dig deeper into the issue.


Thanks for your response Ryan, Bluehost have just given me an updated IP address - can you see if that one is working? I really appreciate your help.


It seems to be resolving now, but is responding slowly. There might be a different issue on the server side that you will need to investigate with your host.

Good luck!


Thank you really appreciate it.