Website is down after changing nameservers

like so many others, my website is now down for 22 hours after changing nameservers. yes, spelling of nameservers (cut & paste) double checked, the host’s Enforce HTTPS is off, viewed site in Incognito, etc. been reading ‘19,000’ similar posts and blobs & blurbs and documentation and f me…
i’m getting a “ redirected you too many times.” error.
I wonder exactly who the weak link is: 1) registrar; 2) host and 3) cf is a stakholder but i doubt that they are involved in ?propagating or populating? the new nameserver names.
maybe, in the future, a stakeholder can provide a temp page that says, “Changing Nameservers, check back in 24-72 hours”? the year is 2023 and no one in industry figured out how to alert end-users to a site being down due to changing nameservers.

Are you getting too many redirects? It’s usually QuickFix idea 3 in this tip

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website down for 24 hours so I dug-in with the host, justhost (an Endurance International Group company). i don’t what the host did (they escalated the issue; i was allowed to get off phone while they fixed). the website is back up.
only changes i see in my host dashboard is that they:

  1. deactivated the plugin, Really Simple SSL
  2. under another tab, the “SSL Certificate: Let’s Encrypt” option was tuned from On to Off.

*** i believe the solution to the subject issue is turning off all SSL Certificate settings with host. my site has a secure connection (the lock icon in address bar).

however, email doesn’t work EXCEPT if I open email client through host (email accounts / check email).

  1. in Thunderbird I went to [email address affected] / Settings / Server Settings and changed connection security from SSL to None. No change.

Also, with connection to CF and website now rendering, I immediately ran a page speed test (google pagespeed insights). I have exact same Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO numbers as before I connected to CF.

The flexible setting will work with the certificate removed, but traffic to your origin is not encrypted. Good explanation of why the error was happening is here,ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs ad it appears they corrected it by removing the origin redirect to stop that redirect loop.

I’d follow the steps in this tutorial to address email

Revisiting that at some point would be good, you have options to generate a self-signed certificate that will ensure end to end encryption If you revisit that at some point this #tutorial will help

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thank you cloonan – i trust that you mean well.

justhost tech support could not resolve why emails – post nameserver change to CF’s nameserver – doesn’t populate emails to Thunderbird or iphone; i do receive new emails via the host’s web-based platform (eg, roundcube).

if you have access to CF leadership plz share that from a customer’s point-of-view, i’m willing to link to CF by creating an acct, changing nameservers, loading the CF plugin, and populating the api info as needed (eg, populating to LSCache plugin). and, applying a solid effort to view/read ‘how tos’ on youtube & online. learning is good.

however, i do not have the bandwidth to decipher 13 trillion options, links, do-this-do-that, blogs-blurbs-blobs, an to get email or, to have a nominal improvement on my website. i read many good things about CF but, as you know and, out-of-you-control, some are affiliates.

my pagespeed analysis shows some lingering issues (eg, Reduce initial server response time, deprecated api). i’m sure some issues are out of CF’s control and i have a ‘bump’ in the SEO to 100.

Mobile analysis (pagespeed)
88, 96, 83, 93
77, 95, 83, 93 - after inserting 3 Amazon ads
77, 95, 83, 93 - after connecting to Cloudflare
83, 95, 83, 93 - after inserting CF api info in LiteSpeed plugin (CDN module)
81, 95, 75, 100 - 2/9/2023 check-in

respectfully, i’m all-in on improving my site’s speed. i’ll see if removing CF and operating only LSCache restores email and improves speed. i signed up to change nameservers, but not to become a expert on the backend (bless those who can decipher the backend).

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