Website is down 24 hours after changing nameservers

I changed nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers 24 hours ago. I am getting worried because my site is down, could it be that I still need to wait and it will finally work ?

Would you share the site here in Preformatted text so that it can be looked into it?

Hi. I don’t understand what you mean by Preformatted text. It’s a wordpress theme…

Without knowing what the site/ domain is no one here can advise you on what is wrong. Changing nameservers should result in zero downtime.

Hi is it safe to share my domain name here ?

That’s something you will need to decide on your own. It is a public forum, so if you want help from the community you need to either provide the domain name or a lot more detail about the actual errors you are receiving and what you have done to troubleshoot.

Here it is


I am new to Cloudflare so I’m just tryna make my site load faster and now it’s been down for over 36 hours…

@cscharff This is the error I’m getting

Your site appears to be in a redirect loop Err_too_many_redirects.

The linked troubleshooting article to the error is generated automatically because it’s pretty common. Try setting your SSL to full strict as a first step.

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Yes. That started when I changed nameservers to Cloudflare

Ok/ Let me see if it helps

Thanks for your help…Looks like it’s working now