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Hi there,
My website is distorted – all of the text overlaps and the images are not showing. It would do this sometimes and sometimes it would work. In fact, it works on my phone, but it doesn’t work on my computer or my sibling’s phone currently. It works on Microsoft Edge, but not google on my computer. the website is Also, WordPress is also distorted – it’s like a list and everything is blue. Please help me fix this. Thanks

It’s very unlikely this is Cloudflare related, unless it’s being caused by Rocket Loader or something causing scripts, etc. to load out of order, and something on your site relies on that.

Can you please share your domain?

EDIT: Whoops, I completely missed your domain in the original post, sorry! @M4rt1n’s comment below describes the issue you’re seeing.

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This is due to your links in the DOM are starting with the “HTTP” scheme instead of “HTTPS”, this will result in mixed-content, if the right security headers are set:

Please rewrite the links to HTTPS and please on top of this - make sure your server is having a valid SSL cert.


Is it necessary to purchase an SSL certificate? My clients are not going to buy anything on my website - I don’t really need it. Is there a way to solve my issue without purchasing one?

You can get SSL certificates for free these days from companies like Let’s Encrypt - there’s no reason not to run your site without HTTPS, even if people “are not going to buy anything”. HTTPS protects your user’s privacy. is a good reference for this. Once you have this in place, switch your Cloudflare’s SSL settings to “Full”.

Talk with your host though - they almost certainly have some kind of automated setup for SSL certs from Let’s Encrypt, and if they don’t, it’s probably time to consider another host.


Hi there,

Thanks for all of your help. However, I do not know who my host is (I sound like such a noob lol) could you please help me know who my host is?

Thanks for everything once again

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Your host is usually who you’re paying a monthly fee to, to actually host your WordPress, etc. website files. This might be the same as your registrar in some cases.

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