Website is connecting with cloud flare or not confusion

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I am working on different websites, and whenever I start a new website, it is my first priority to embed it with Cloudflare. I started this website ( a long time ago and I forgot whether I connected it with Cloudflare or not. It’s working fine, but sometimes it loads in a non-secure version and just because of this reason, I am losing many visitors of my website. I tried to check it with different tools, just like as wappalyzer, but they are not accurate. Please do check this website and let me know. If its not connected, then I will connect it with Cloudflare.

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As i just sawed your website your website is not connected to Cloudflare as your nameservers are as followed

Add Cloudflare nameservers to your website to get started with Cloudflare

& Your website is using Lets Encrypt / R3 SSL

Thanks @Neeraj_1
Can you guide me that how can I connect my website with Cloudflare? I know that how to connect a new website with Cloudflare but its already connected with somewhere so thats why I am confused.

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Yes ,

First go to domain provider and clear the nameservers and follow this

If this doesn’t help you can revert back

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