Website is blank

When installing cloudflare then website is showing fully blank. no any error showing.
please help.

If I’ve guessed correctly, this may help. The page reading “Future home of something quite cool” is the default landing page from the cPanel server. If you’re seeing this error on your site, it means your origin web server is not configured to display your site over port 443, so instead they are showing the default landing page. You should ask your hosting provider to setup your site to work over port 443.

Let us know if you continue to see issues after opening port 443, we’re happy to help further. For other troubleshooting ideas and more details on the error “Future home of something quite cool”, see this Community Tip.

@xxsexsexoporno, to remove your site from Cloudflare, login to the cloudflare dashboard, select the domain, and on the overview tab, select Remove Site from Cloudflare in the lower right.

The domain starting with s is active on cloudflare, so you’d want to start by changing the name servers back to what they were before you added the site at your domain registrar. Then, select the remove option.

The domain starting with x is not active on cloudflare, you can see this noted on the main page of your dashboard. In this case, you do not need to change your name servers as they were never changed and still show as non-cloudflare. In this case, just select the remove option noted above. I see a lot of record changes in your audit log, but I do not see any indication that the domain has been/was removed from cloudflare.

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