Website is being held hostage

My site was hosted by a marketing company and they are holding my site hostage to force me to remain in a contract. They have not delivered and want ransom for the site. I own the URL and have paid in ful for the content on the site. Is it possible to have the hosted site migrated elsewhere to recover the content?

Longer version:

A marketing company also hosted a site that I brought over from the creative company. They made a few additions and changes, but when they didn’t deliver as promised I wanted out. They changed the site to under construction for two months before shutting it off completely. Now they want ransom money to return the site to me. I own the URL and paid for all the content added to the site. I can change and remove the DNS information and rebuild a site on my URL, but I have a lot of time and money invested into the existing site. Is there another way to recover the content of the site?

This really sounds like you should contact a lawyer.

That depends on the kind of site. If it is purely static, you might be lucky and find the content on .

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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, the archive doesn’t contain the content beyond the initial build. I have contacted a lawyer since they sent the account to a collection agency which we are currently disputing.

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