Website is being flagged as having malware or phishing

My clients are unable to see my website (wedding photography) and are getting malware warnings or “unsafe” error messages. I can reproduce the problem on certain internet connections. Works fine most places, but in others it will not work.

When I do a scan, nothing pops up.

What’s the website?

What is on the error/warning page?



Could you please share the domain name? The pictures are too blurry.

thelightandcolor . com

It’s not miscategorized by Cloudflare:

No problems from Sucuri and Google:

The Safari screenshot says nothing about malware or phishing. It’s also a cpanel link, so that has nothing to do with any malware or phishing flag.

It also loads for me in Firefox. Maybe you (or the source of that screenshot) has an overzealous plugin or antivirus software that’s the source of this issue.


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