Website is auto refreshing even i have installed new site on new web hosting. please check and let me know why this issue has occurred

please check my website thefarmvale com it is refreshing automatically, I have changed the hosting and also installed a new WordPress on this domain but the problem is still the same.


There are no nameservers set for your domain:
DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool.

Please visit your registrar and set their NS records to point to your assigned Cloudflare’s nameservers. Then make sure your Cloudflare DNS Records point to your new hosting provider’s servers.

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You have added .it at the end of the domain, please check it again, the domain it thefarmvale(dot)com only

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I can see the redirect, which is apparently being done by a JavaScript, which redirects to a URL shortener, which then redirects back to your blog.

I blocked each JS file from loading, and it only stopped redirecting after I blocked a Cloudflare JS file:

Do you have any Cloudflare app or feature running on your zone that could be expected to be redirecting to a URL shortener?

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yes, you were right, the “Add HTML” app was occurring that issue, I have uninstalled that app and the issue have been resolved.

Thank you so much you have saved me.

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