Website is active and configured with CNAMEs but not working

I am trying to configure a website (see domain name below) to use my IBM Cloud Code Engine site. I understand that DNS propagation sometimes takes more than a day and hopefully it is just a matter of time. Using Global DNS Propagation Checker - What’s My DNS (I cannot post the link to that) last night I could see that the NS records propagated most everywhere except San Jose and since (I assume) the relevant Cloudflare servers are in San Francisco that would explain why DNS was not working. Now however the NS records are propagated most everywhere. The CNAME records are apparently missing and I do not know if there is something more I need to do. The following shows the DNS in Cloudflare.

Update: I have made progress and there is a problem with SSL.

Probably best to set those two DNS records to DNS Only :grey: while you fix the SSL issue. Then set your SSL/TLS Mode on the Cloudflare dashboard to Full Strict before setting them back to :orange:.

Thank you. I think that is now done.

IBM says they will publish a relevant article on Thursday and I hope that covers SSL.

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