Website intercepted by Singtel

After enabling firewall mode on Singtel network services in Singapore, our official website cannot be accessed. What methods are there to lift restrictions?

Sorry it’s unclear what you’ve done or what you are asking. How does one enable firewall mode on Singtel network services? Is this a service they provide? If so, you’d want to communicate with them to determine why it is blocking your website.

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My current problem is that if the firewall is enabled under Singtel’s WiFi, my website cannot be accessed. If the firewall is turned off, I can access it normally. So I was wondering whether CDN acceleration could be used to solve this problem?

Without knowing how or why it is being blocked? It’s impossible to say. If the domain name is flagged, where it is hosted won’t matter. If the IP address is the issue… maybe? You should contact your firewall vendor. They control the settings of their tools.

I’m wondering whether Cloudflare’s commercial DNS acceleration can solve this problem?

Cloudflare doesn’t offer commercial DNS acceleration.

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Ok,thanks very much

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