Website inaccessible


For 30 minutes our site has no longer been accessible. No loading so no error message either.

No changes whatsoever have been made today. Do you know how I can do some tests to get some solutions?

thanks a lot for your help

Your site is loading ok for me, is it still not working for you?

Your site is on Shopify and is using your Cloudflare account for DNS only, so if you have any issues, check with Shopify.


Thanks a lot for your reply.
Yes, it still not working for me and my colleagues. We also tested multiple browsers, private browsing, and devices.

shopify answers me:
We don’t host your domain at all, we just connect the domain to your store

Cloudflare doesn’t host your site either, it just points at Shopify.

Without an error message from your end it’s impossible to tell what the issue may be. It’s only possibly a Cloudflare issue if your domain name does not resolve, even then it’s more likely a DNS issue at your end though (ISP or local problem).

If it does resolve, then it’s something further downstream.

That’s weird because there is no more trafic on the website, so all our visitors seem to have encountered the problem.

What do you recommend that I do ?

If you use Windows, you can open a command prompt and type nslookup

Server:  pi.hole

Non-authoritative answer:

Your site still works ok for me (UK)…


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