Website inaccessible when adding too many IP addresses (Code 1020)

I have set up my firewall as shown below, people whose IP is not on the list will be banned from accessing. I can still access when the list of IPs is small, after the list grows to almost a hundred IP addresses, no one can access the website anymore.

The first thing that comes to mind reading this is the 4KB limit on expressions, info here:

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Is there any way to extend it? Or force it to implement the rule?

IF the problem is the rule is too large I would make a 2nd rule with the other IP addresses in (you are allowed 5 on the Free Plan)

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You should be using AND for those. Nobody can connect from multiple IP addresses at the same time.

It’s like saying:
If it’s not Bob, don’t let them in. OR If it’s not Katie, don’t let them in. Bob can’t get in because he fails the second test. Katie can’t get in because she fails the first test.

An “AND” means they have to fail all tests to get blocked.

You’d be better off using a “Is Not In” function.

yea, I just realized CloudFlare has IP list function, thank you <3

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